Workshop On Molecular Evolution 2001

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2001 Workshop On Molecular Evolution


Name Role Affiliation URI
Michael Cummings Director
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
Peter Beerli Faculty
  • University Of Washington
Claire Fraser Faculty
  • Institute For Genomic Research
Steven Steve Thompson Faculty
  • Bioinfo 4u
Emilia Martins Faculty
  • University Of Oregon
William Pearson Faculty
  • University Of Virginia Health Sciences Center
Scott Edwards Faculty
  • University Of Washington
Jonathan Eisen Faculty
  • Institute For Genomic Research
Paul Lewis Faculty
  • University Of Connecticut
David Swofford Faculty
  • Smithsonian Institution
Joseph Felsenstein Faculty
  • University Of Washington
Daniel Voytas Faculty
  • Iowa State University
Axel Meyer Faculty
  • Universitat Konstanz
Ziheng Yang Faculty
  • University College London
Ken Rice Faculty
  • Glaxo Smith Kline Pharmaceuticals
Mary Kuhner Faculty
  • University Of Washington
David Rand Faculty
  • Brown University
Shozo Yokoyama Faculty
  • Syracuse University
Anne Yoder Lecturer
  • Northwestern University Medical School
William Sischo Student
  • University Of California Davis
Stefan Zoller Student
  • Field Museum
Wagied Davids Student
  • Stockholm Bioinformatics Ctr
Terri Hildebrand Student
  • University Of Kansas
Camilla Nesbr Student
  • Dalhousie University
Lene Rostgaard Nielsen Student
  • University Of Copenhagen
Matthew Dean Student
  • University Of Illinois At Chicago
Susanne Schulmeister Student
  • Institute Of Zoology And Anthropology And Zoological Museum
Tony Goldberg Student
  • University Of Illinois
Carmen Palacios Student
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
Katrina Edwards Student
  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Adriana Brunstein Student
  • Universidade Federal De Sao Paulo
Gustavo Ybazeta Student
  • University Of Toronto
Aimee Tilley Student
  • University Of Salford
Artyom Kopp Student
  • University Of Wisconsin
Edward Murphy Student
  • University Of California San Francisco
Lluis Ribas De Pouplana Student
  • Scripps Research Institute
Dennis Lavrov Student
  • Universite De Montreal
Andrea Schwarzbach Student
  • Kent State University
Iain Anderson Student
  • Integrated Genomics Inc
Mary Durbin Student
  • University Of California
Steven Haddock Student
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Magdi Samaan Student
  • Us Naval Medical Research
Luis Rodriguez Student
  • Plum Island Animal Disease Center
Kyle Summers Student
  • East Carolina University
Cristiano Vernesi Student
  • University Of Ferrara
Jolanta Miadlikowska Student
  • Field Museum
Martin Lercher Student
  • University Of Bath
Shireen Fahey Student
  • University Of Queensland
Charles Bell Student
  • Yale University
Susan Masta Student
  • San Francisco State University
Moraima Pagan Student
  • University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill
Joanne Preston Student
  • University Of Southampton
Kristina Louie Student
  • University Of California
Kevin Shufran Student
  • Usda Ars
Juliet Bryant Student
  • University Of Texas Medical Branch
Jan Sap Student
  • New York University School Of Medicine
Li Li Student
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Patricia Brito Student
  • American Museum Of Natural History
Katja Peijnenburg Student
  • University Of Amsterdam
Jason De Koning Student
  • University At Albany Suny
Thomas Hankeln Student
  • Universitat Mainz
Sheri Simmons Student
  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Mauricio Bacci Student
  • Universidade Estadual Paulista
Tulio De Oliveira Student
  • Africa Centre
Mariana Morando Student
  • Brigham Young University
Par Ingvarsson Student
  • University Of Virginia
Shehre Banoo Malik Student
  • Emory University
Shellie Bench Student
  • Molecular Dynamics
George Gilchrist Student
  • Clarkson University
Julin Maloof Student
  • Salk Institute For Biological Studies
Jennifer Anderson Student
  • University Of California Davis
Irina Arkhipova Student
  • Harvard University
Edward Feil Student
  • University Of Bath
Joanne Labate Student
  • Cornell University
Brigitte Beer Student
  • National Institutes Of Health
Keith Adams Student
  • Indiana University
Rauri C K Bowie Student
  • University Of Cape Town
Jorge Frias-Lopez Student
  • University Of Illinois At Urbana Champaign
Maria Anisimova Student
  • University College London
Antonis Rokas Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Edinburgh
Andrew Mcarthur Teaching Assistant
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
Josephine Babin Teaching Assistant
  • Louisiana State University
David Reed Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Utah
Katarina Winka Teaching Assistant
  • Umea University
Sheri Church Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Virginia
Julie Thompson-Maaloum Teaching Assistant
  • Institute De Genetique Et De Biologie Moleculaire Et Cellulaire
Ellen Pritham Teaching Assistant
  • University Of Massachusetts
Scott Handley Teaching Assistant
  • Washington University
88 total attendees representing 75 institutions.

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