Analytical And Quantitative Light Microscopy In Biology, Medicine And Materials Science 1980

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1980 Analytical And Quantitative Light Microscopy In Biology, Medicine And Materials Science


Name Role Affiliation URI
Donna Perrin Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Crimson Camera Technical Sales Inc
Richard Chaisson Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Olympus Corporation Of America
William Sawyer Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Carl Zeiss Inc
Susan Houghton Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
G F Kara Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Carl Zeiss Inc
Douglas Lutz Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • University Of Manitoba
Richard Taylor Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Colorado Video
David Cohen Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Venus Scientific Inc
Gordon Ellis Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Bertha Woodward Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
Mel Brenner Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Nikon Inc
Ferenc Harosi Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Boston University
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
Sally Marquis Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
Ernst Keller Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Carl Zeiss Inc
Edward Ted Salmon Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • University Of North Carolina
Robert Zeh Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Suny Albany
Stuart Levy Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • E Leitz Inc
Jerry Mcmanus Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • E Leitz Inc
D Lancing Taylor Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Harvard University
Inoue Shinya Instructor-In-Chief
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Diane Woodrum Student
  • Harvard Medical School
Davis Thaler Student
  • University Of Massachusetts
Erwin Huebner Student
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
Paul Kronebusch Student
  • University Of Wisconsin
Robert B Silver Student
  • University Of California Berkeley
Dennis Solomon Student
Carol Garland Student
  • American Cyanamid
Catherine Frantz Student
  • University Of Chicago
David Sims Student
  • Boone County Hospital
Vinod Verma Student
  • National Institutes Of Health
Mary Jane Saunders Student
  • University Of Massachusetts
Mary Mccann Student
  • Polaroid Corporation
Victor Chen Student
  • Suny Buffalo
33 total attendees representing 25 institutions.

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