Protozoology 1923

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1923 Protozoology


Name Role Affiliation URI
Louise H Gregory Instructor
  • Columbia University
Florence De L Lowther Instructor
  • Barnard College
Gary N Calkins Instructor
  • Columbia University
Ulrich A Hauber Student
  • St Ambrose College
Frances Greenberg Student
  • Columbia University
George B O'Toole Student
  • St Vincent Archabbey
Donald L Burdick Student
  • New York University
William T Dailey Student
  • New York University
William D Webster Student
  • New York University
Hugh H Darby Student
  • Columbia University
Danniel Cook Student
  • University Of Cincinnati
Donald C Griffin Student
  • New York University
Bede Knapke Student
  • St Bernard College
George W Haupt Student
  • Bucknell University
Lester E Bond Student
  • Maryville College
Herbert Ruckes Student
  • College Of City Of New York
G Priscilla Dimick Student
  • Brown University
Edward J Wenstrup Student
  • St Vincent Archabbey
A Parker Hitchens Student
  • Army Medical School
19 total attendees representing 12 institutions.

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