Microinjection Techniques In Cell Biology 1998

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1998 Microinjection Techniques In Cell Biology


Name Role Affiliation URI
Leslie King Course Assistant
  • Duke University
Robert B Silver Director
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
Douglas Kline Faculty
  • Kent State University
Chris Fox Faculty
  • Kent State University
Eric Shelden Faculty
  • University Of Michigan
Susan Cousins Faculty
  • Cornell University
Suzanne Klaessig Faculty
  • Cornell University
Philip Mcallister Student
  • National Fish Health Research Laboratory
Crislyn D'Souza-Schorey Student
  • Washington University School Of Medicine
Anna Pappalardo Student
  • University Of Connecticut
Seher Khan Student
  • Kent State University
Ali Eroglu Student
  • Massachusetts General Hospital
Yijuan Liu Student
  • Amgen Inc
Marcia Stickler Student
  • San Jose State University
Loro Kujjo Student
  • Northwestern University
Susan Rotenberg Student
  • Queens College Cuny
Georgi Kalbin Student
  • Goteborg University
Anne Vallerga Student
  • Sri International
Laura Linz Student
  • Louisiana State University
Jorge Maldonado Student
  • University Of Puerto Rico
Peter Peters Student
  • University Of Utrecht
Gyorgy Hajnoczky Student
  • Thomas Jefferson University
Kellene Mullin Student
  • Rockefeller University
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