Invertebrate 1897

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1897 Invertebrate
1897 Invertebrate
1897 Invertebrate
1897 Invertebrate


Name Role Affiliation URI
Carrie A Clark Student
  • Smith Academy
Robert A Budington Student
  • Williams College
Eva Monsch Student
Ruth P Hume Student
  • Wellesley College
Florence Phillips Student
Grace A Van Everen Student
  • Erasmus Hall High School
Leo D Stein Student
Eva M Blake Student
Wallace E Richmond Student
  • Drury Academy
Gertrude E Millard Student
  • Brown University
F W Wamsley Student
Grace G Lyman Student
M Cloyd Burnley Student
  • Womans College
Victor J Chambers Student
  • Geneva High School
Mrs S Robinson Creighton Student
  • Womans Medical College
Susan M Briggs Student
Katharine S Wetmore Student
Edward S Atwood Student
  • University Of Rochester
Mrs Grace T Ely Student
  • Barnard College
W F Mercer Student
  • Chamberlain Institute
E E Hutchinson Student
  • Williams College
Orville P Phillips Student
  • University Of Southern California
George Gilmore Scott Student
  • Williams College
Jonathan Risser Student
  • Iowa College
24 total attendees representing 14 institutions.

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