Physiology 1929

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1929 Physiology


Name Role Affiliation URI
Selig Hecht Instructor
  • Columbia University
Merkel H Jacobs Instructor
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Edwin J Cohn Instructor
  • Harvard University
Alfred C Redfield Instructor
  • Harvard University
William R Amberson Instructor
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Edmund N Harvey Instructor
  • Princeton University
Charlotte Haywood Instructor
  • Vassar College
Leonor Michaelis Instructor
  • Johns Hopkins University
Charles E Packard Student
  • University Of Cincinnati
  • Columbia University
Edwin B Seelye Student
  • Amherst College
Lloyd A Hoffman Student
  • Johns Hopkins Medical School
Eugene F Du Bois Student
  • Cornell University Medical College
Joyce Mcgavran Student
  • Western Reserve University
Duane Sayles Student
  • University Of Chicago
Paul S Henshaw Student
  • University Of Wisconsin
Samuel A Howes Student
  • Rhode Island State College
Florence W Haynes Student
  • Mount Holyoke College
Thomas C Kerr Student
  • Washington Square College New York University
  • New York University
Julius J Nitzulescu Student
  • School Of Medicine
Glenn A Millikan Student
  • California Institute
Johan E Jorpes Student
  • Caroline Institute
Richard E Heller Student
  • University Of Chicago
Ralph M Stuck Student
  • Washington University Medical School
Charles I Wright Student
  • Rochester University
John Robert Fowler Student
  • University Of Chicago
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