Microbial Ecology 1982

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1982 Microbial Ecology


Name Role Affiliation URI
Hans L Kornberg Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Cambridge University
  • University Of Cambridge
Barry Marrs Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • University Of Connecticut
John Breznak Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Michigan State University
Martin Dworkin Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • University Of Minnesota
Edward Ruby Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • University Of California Los Angeles
Richard Hanson Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • University Of Minnesota
Kimbel Atwood Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Columbia University
Hans Schweiger Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Max Planck Institute
David Uhlinger Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Florida State University
Frannie Sinnis Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Catherine Potrikus Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Harvard University
Craig Taylor Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Holger W Jannasch Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Howard Slater Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Cambridge University
Alex Keynan Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Hebrew University
Walter S Vincent Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • University Of Delaware
Jeffrey Gardner Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • University Of Illinois
Bernard D Davis Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Harvard Medical School
Jeanne S Poindexter Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Public Health Research Institute
William Reznikoff Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • University Of Wisconsin
David White Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Boston University
  • Florida State University
James A Romesser Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Dupont Corporation
Bernard Weisblum Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • University Of Wisconsin
Peter Greenberg Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Cornell University
Martin Alexander Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • Cornell University
Kenneth Nickerson Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • University Of Nebraska
Richard W Castenholz Faculty/Staff/Lecturer
  • University Of Oregon
Harlyn O Halvorson Instructor-In-Chief
  • Brandeis University
Nancy Wogrin Student
  • University Of Massachusetts
Thomas Schmidt Student
  • Ohio State University
Antonio Ventosa Student
  • University Of Seville
Anne Happel Student
  • Purdue University
Ali Fattum Student
  • Hebrew University
Tina Pernack Student
  • Arizona State University
Harold May Student
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute And State University
Robert Hall Student
  • Nantucket High School
Cynthia Paden Student
  • Scripps Institution Of Oceanography
Meredith Hullar Student
David Stahl Student
  • National Jewish Hospital And Research Center
Lee Kerkhof Student
  • Harvard University
Patricia Wier Student
  • University Of Colorado
Susan Boutros Student
  • Marine Biological Laboratory
  • University Of Pittsburgh
Danny Schnell Student
  • University Of Nebraska
Margaret Heimbrook Student
  • University Of Northern Colorado
Gunnar Bratbak Student
  • University Of Bergen
Kathy Fosnaugh Student
  • Cornell University
46 total attendees representing 37 institutions.

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