Neural Systems And Behavior 1978

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1978 Neural Systems And Behavior


Name Role Affiliation URI
Christina Jo Myles Assistant
  • Manchester Community College
Stephen C Reingold Assistant
  • Princeton University
Adrianus Kalmijn Instructor
  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
James L Gould Instructor
  • Princeton University
Alan Gelperin Instructor
  • Princeton University
Ronald R Hoy Instructor
  • Cornell University
David J Prior Instructor
  • University Of Kentucky
Randolf Menzel Instructor
  • Freien Universitat
  • Free University
  • Institut Fur Tierphysiologie Freien Universitat
William Kristan, Jr Instructor
  • University Of California San Diego
Fernando Nottebohm Instructor
  • Rockefeller University
George Gerstein Special Lecturer
  • University Of Pennsylvania
Michael V L Bennett Special Lecturer
  • Albert Einstein University
  • Division Of Cellular Neurobiology Albert Einstein College Of Medicine
William Quinn Special Lecturer
  • Princeton University
Donald R Griffin Special Lecturer
  • Rockefeller University
Tom Eisner Special Lecturer
  • Cornell University
Eduardo Macagno Special Lecturer
  • Columbia University
Robert Capranica Special Lecturer
  • Cornell University
Gunther Stent Special Lecturer
  • University Of California Berkeley
Larry Cohen Special Lecturer
  • Yale University
Eric Kandel Special Lecturer
  • Columbia University
Bruce Mehler Student
Debra Epel Student
Timothy Condon Student
Barry Rose Student
Klaus Schildberger Student
Neal Ready Student
Brian Schmitt Student
Michael Solon Student
Leah Olson Student
Anya Hurlbert Student
Laurie Tompkins Student
Dean Furbish Student
George Holz Student
David Schessel Student
William Bleisch Student
Arthur Coquelin Student
Charles Roselli Student
Mary Ellen Mcmanus Student
Darrell Tanelian Student
Jodie Hurwitz Student
Robert Rose Student
Daniel Levy Student
Daniel Javitt Student
Andrew Moiseff Student
Aguan Wei Student
Dominic Orr Student
Jeffrey Turner Student
John Kuwada Student
Ronald Marcotte Student
Mark Miller Student
William Trevarrow Student
William David Student
John Nicholls Visiting Lecturer
  • Stanford University
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